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I’ve gotten lots of messages saying sorry and talking about how people are mad at people, and other people are sad because people are mad.  Hopefully everyone has moved on by now but, if not, please do.  This is a tiny thing in the big scheme of things.

Listen, as individuals and communities — we make mistakes.  And we can beat each other up about it, or we can come together and say, “You know what, we learned some lessons, let’s support each other and move on.”

No one that I know “hates” anyone over this — we just felt disappointed and upset that someone took our personal stuff.  The only reason we called anyone out is because the right thing to do was to take it down.  That’s done.  You’ve all been amazing at being respectful and deleting stuff.

So, be proud of that.  Let it go…and focus that energy on saying something positive, creating something interesting or sharing fun pics (just as long as they aren’t stolen).  : )

Carry on.





Doing the right thing.

I don’t use Tumblr much, but I wanted to post to talk about doing the right thing.

A couple weeks ago, I threw a bday party for a friend. I rented a photo booth for the guests to use. As the host, those guests counted on me to respect their privacy. I never dreamed that the photo booth company would be silly enough to make the private login searchable or that they’d make the password easy to guess. And I never dreamed that a Tumblr user called @stonesourwolf would break into that private gallery and post the pics.

Since I paid for the booth - those pics are my property. And stealing is stealing regardless of how easy it was to do (it’s also illegal and super lame). I could press charges.

Is it the end of the world? No - they are pics of friends goofing off. But they were private and the right thing to do is to say you’re sorry and take down the pics. Even if you just reposted them - take em down so you don’t have bad “I steal things” vibes on your page.

The people whose pics were stolen are some of the nicest, most laid back folks ever. And I can tell you one thing for sure…they’d never steal (or pass along) any of your personal stuff.

Do the right thing.




My pals at @MTVAct inspired this ‘lil viral diddy.  They’re groovy.